MODEM webinar

Since the beginning of 2024, we have started the MODEM Webinar series, a three-weekly webinar for our MODEM researchers dedicated to inform, educate, and connect to each other. In each webinar, two researchers (both senior and junior) present their expertise and their work. In MODEM, this is exceptionally beneficial, as this consortium carries different disciplines and research backgrounds, making this a great opportunity for our researchers to get acquainted with our fields of research. This connects our researchers on a regular basis, and provides frequent room for discussion and collaboration.

For 2023, the list is as follows, with more names to come:

  • Betty Tijms (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Thijs van Osch (Leiden UMC)
  • Elga de Vries (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Walter Backes (Maastricht UMC)
  • Wiep Scheper (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Erik Bakker (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Ronald van Kesteren (VU Amsterdam)
  • Aniko Korosi (University of Amsterdam)
  • Elly Hol (UMC Utrecht)
  • Mark Verheijen (VU Amsterdam)
  • Harm Krugers (University of Amsterdam)
  • Guus Smit (VU Amsterdam)
  • Jannis Heuer (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Tasha Ibrahim (VU Amsterdam)
  • Shakira van der Panne (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Cristina Boers Escuder (VU Amsterdam)
  • Ana Rajicic (Erasmus MC)
  • Roberta Giannelli (VU Amsterdam)

Note: this webinar series is only for MODEM researchers as unpublished data could be discussed, and is therefore not open to public viewers.

Image 1. First MODEM webinar of 2024